Mr. Brown was born in Bend, OR on “Hospital Hill,” where the Double Tree hotel now stands in downtown Bend.After living in Bend for only a few short years, he moved to Medford for one year, and then to Salem for 16. After graduating from High School in 1992, he attended the University of Oregon and graduated in 1996 with Bachelor’s Degrees in both Business Management and Sports Marketing.

After spending five years in the sports industry, Mr. Brown decided to devote his life to helping young students become all that they were created to be. 

Mr. Brown currently lives in Redmond with his wonderful wife & two young boys.

In the summer, when he’s not teaching school, Mr. Brown can be found on the Deschutes River whitewater rafting, on a local lake wakeboarding, wake surfing, or kayaking, on a trail hiking or biking, or just relaxing.

In January of 2002 Mr. Brown realized a lifelong dream; he became a Private Pilot . Since that time, he has been blessed by being able to fly everything from a sailplane (glider), to single engine, floatplane, twin engine, aerobatic, and even a business jet. In June of 2006 he earned his “Instrument Rating” which allows him to fly INSIDE of the clouds!  Mr. Brown earned his Commercial Rating (which allows him to get paid to fly!) in September of 2007 and became an Certified Flight Instructor in September of 2008. On November 1, 2008 Mr. Brown braved high winds and clouds to pass his Instrument Instructor Rating. So he can now teach people to fly in clouds; when he’s not teaching middle school students that is. Mr. Brown has also teaches in the aviation department at COCC in Bend.

So, why does he share this story with you? Because he wants you to dream big. After all, with hard work and perseverance dreams can and do come true!

Aim high, and remember, “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” so go ahead, take a shot.